Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tudor Times at the Castle

Today, Classes VW and SC walked to Framlingham Castle. 
We talked about the Tudors role in relation to the Castle, thinking about its relatively close proximity to London and transport links.  Any attackers would have been spotted approaching and would have had to negotiate the Mere and the surrounding ditch.  When we walked around the top of the wall, we looked at the red chimneys which had been added by the Tudors for decorative effect.  We also looked at the thickness of the walls and Mrs. Moore talked about the materials in greater depth.  With various structural works going on at the Castle, Miss Whipps asked her class about what whether they thought the Castle would still be in existence in 150/ 200 years from now.  Some thought it would be, others thought there was a possibility it could be turned into houses, etc.  We agreed that this would be a bad idea as it forms a huge part of Framlingham’s heritage! 
Thank you to Mrs. Moore and Mrs. McCormac for all your help today.

 Photos to follow…

Year 4 Tennis Tournament

We took two teams of 4 children from year 4 to the local schools Tennis Tournament at Debenham yesterday. 
The standard of tennis was very high and everybody tried really hard. Eight teams took part overall and they were split into two groups.
Our Team A came second in their group and then third overall, winning a bronze medal. Team B came third in their group and fifth overall.

Well done to both SRH teams whose sportsmanship and skills were a pleasure to watch. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who took the children to the tournament and supported them at the event.

Foundation trip to Africa Alive. Class CH

On Tuesday 23rd May we had a fantastic trip to Africa Alive. The children enjoyed learning lots about the animals that live in Africa. We took  a tour of the park on the safari train and had a picnic in the beautiful sunshine. We saw lions sleeping and giraffes having a snack. We loved watching the meerkats, especially the baby ones and the Lemurs were great fun too !

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Africa Alive!

Tuesday's trip to Africa Alive was a roaring success! Here are a few images with class KM - more can be found on the gallery on the school website.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Foundation Trip to Africa Alive - Nursery

We had such a wonderful trip to Africa Alive today. We saw so many different kinds of birds and animals. We particularly enjoyed seeing the rhinos, giraffes and lions. They were so close!
We even got a trip on a road train which was a great way to see some of the animals (especially for little legs). We enjoyed a picnic lunch together and walked through the lemur enclosure too.
The children were so well behaved and coped very well with an exciting day that was longer than usual. They were able to answer some challenging questions about some of the animals (Why does the crane have such long legs?) and made comparisons between the different animals that we saw. We can't wait to talk about it all in Nursery tomorrow!
Huge thanks to our wonderful volunteer helpers. We couldn't take part in these exciting activities without you. We really appreciate your help and time.

Monday, 22 May 2017

British Values and Democracy - Class RH

Class RH received a letter from Mr. Richard Richalot. The letter outlined plans for a new water sports activity centre to be built next to the Mere in Framlingham. Some of class RH thought this was a great idea, and some didn’t!
Class RH split into two teams, the ‘For’ team and ‘Against’ team. Some of us put our names forward to be the party leader. The rest of the party then voted in an election for who they wanted to lead. Each party narrowed it down to just four candidates before making their final decision. We then discussed a name for our party and chose a colour to represent us. The party leaders then chose a party member to go to the library to find some books, and 4 computing experts to collect laptops. Each party collected their ideas and points and then decided who would say what in the debate, with each member of the party writing a point on a cue card. We held the debate, Mrs.Hamilton was our ‘speaker’ to make sure that we followed the ‘Debate Rules’ that we created as class – ensuring everyone had their chance to speak.

Well done to the ‘River Party’ led by Seth for their great debate skills and well done to the ‘Black Widow’ party led by Anna  for their fantastic research and preparation skills. Awards also went to Eva and Jessica for their wonderful passionate debating skills. 
The debate was a fantastic opportunity to develop our speaking and listening skills and to put into practice all that we have been learning about British Values and Democracy. 

Friday, 19 May 2017


As part of our learning about Remembrance Day in November, the Foundation children planted some poppy seeds in our big tyre. We were very excited today as the first of the poppies has flowered.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

"Scented Gardens" artwork in Class LH

Dufy has inspired the LH artists! 

Raoul Dufy was a French painter who developed a colourful, decorative style that became fashionable for designs of ceramics and textiles.  Class LH have been inspired by this style and created their own versions of Dufy's 3D work.  

The vases were created using wallpaper which was measured accurately and placed to create a 3D effect for the base of the picture.  The children then painted free-style onto the vases to create the background of the flowers as though they had just been picked. They then revisited their paintings using pen and ink to add detail to the paintings to enhance the features of the flowers and the leaves. 

After this, 3D bugs were designed and produced to add the finishing effects to the artwork.  

Creating background of flowers onto the vase.

 Pen and ink used to emphasise features on leaves and flowers.


Bugs added for the final detail to the vases and flowers. 

Tints and Tones

Class RH have been working hard on developing their painting skills. They have created rivers using different tints and tones.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Class LH find the colours of the rainbow

An array of natural colours for "Scented Garden"

Class LH visited the field today to continue enhancing our research about the topic of "Scented Gardens".  A treasure hunt of a variety of types of flowers eg 4-petals, 5-petals, daisy shaped and umbrella shaped were searched for.  Not only were the types of flowers hunted for but also the differing colours.  

Each pupil had their own colour swatch in which they needed to find a natural growing plant to match one of the colours.  Not everything was a shade of green - in fact we found shades of yellow, brown, blue, red, purple, green and orange.  Isn't nature an amazing place?  What an array of colours!! 

Deciding which shade of yellow the Dandelion is.

Searching for the Wisteria colour match. 

Checking the tone of the flowers - even under the shady trees proved tricky. 

Eagle eyed - we even found a shade of blue buried deep beneath the grass. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Computer club

Year 2 Computer club

This half term, year 2 have been coming to the lunchtime computer club.  An array of activities have been explored such as coding using beebot and pivot; 'Revelation Art' to make designs; 'Word' to practise using keyboard skills; phonics games and also 'Number Shark' to practise place value and number bonds. 

Engaged in learning new skills.

Number shark to practise maths number work

Great teamwork.

Using bee-bot to practise coding

Gardening club

Planting new vegetables and flowers

This week, runner beans and sunflowers were planted in preparation for the summer.  We are hoping to grow our sunflowers for the Framlingham Horticultural Show later on this year.  A dibber was used to put a hole in the compost anmd then each hole had a seed placed in it.  They were watered using a watering can with a rose on it - we learnt that this was better than a watering can with just a spout as it didn't drown in water.  We also planted out some more broad beans, some courgette plants and some more Cosmos flowers.

Using the dibber to make a hole for the seed

Watering the seeds using the rose on the watering can - gently does it!  

Phew - this weeding is hard work!

Lambs visit

Yesterday Nursery were very lucky to have a visit from some lambs. We spent some time feeding them. We were able to feel their woollen coats and their newly growing horns. We talked about their hooves and decided they looked a bit like they were walking on tiptoes! We sang Baa baa black sheep which they seemed to enjoy as they were very quiet as we sang. A huge thank you to Mrs Innes for bringing the triplet lambs to share with us and to Mrs Eyles for arranging it.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Norwich Football Trial Success!

Earlier in the year we sent out a parent mail about Norwich Academy boys football trials. We have since learnt that 5 boys from years 5 and 6 got into the teams. 3 of the boys got into the PDC - Player Development Centre and 2 boys into the PTC - Player Technical Centre. 
Congratulations, this is a huge achievement for you all. We wish you every success and please keep us updated on how you get on.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Our fabulous new learning environment on the school field

Class LC and RH have started using the new school tent for their quiet and guided reading.  The children enjoyed the calm atmosphere.

The children take their shoes off in the tent to keep it clean for everyone who uses it, and this may actually help improve their learning!

Volunteer Champion

We are always delighted to acknowledge the wonderful support of our many volunteers - we are lucky enough to have over 60 of them - but this week, one specific volunteer stands out.
Mrs Coles has been a volunteer helping with reading for 20 YEARS, she started volunteering with us back in 1997 and has been here almost every school week since then and she now reads regularly with children in Class PLKV.
Yesterday the children presented her with a wonderful 'Thank you' card and a beautiful plant.  They also asked her a few questions.. find out her answers below.

Here were the questions that the children asked Mrs Coles, along with her answers:

You have been at this school reading for 20 years, which you must have enjoyed. Why did you start to read with us?
This is such a happy school to be a part of and I have enjoyed every class that I have read with. The children are so polite; you are a credit to your school.

What was your former job?
I worked for many years as a nurse.

Have you just read with Mrs Lord’s class, or have there been other classes as well?
I began reading with Mrs Greenacre’s class, and then I read with Mrs Dwyer’s class, so I knew Mrs Dwyer such a long time ago it was before she was married. During the time that I was helping in the class Mrs Dwyer was married and had three children. I also helped Mrs Lord, as she and Mrs Dwyer taught the same class between them.

What was it like when you were at school when you were a child?
When I was at school children weren’t always treated well and sometimes got hit with a ruler. You children are so fortunate that your teachers look after you well and do interesting lessons for you. When I was at school we spent a lot of time learning our times tables and we were taught how to read.

Have you always lived in Framlingham and gone to the high school or the college?
No, I came to Framlingham 25 years ago, with my husband; I have moved to several different places in England, working as a nurse.

What is your favourite book or author that a child has read to you?
         I can’t really choose a favourite, as I enjoy hearing all the children who read to me,          and like listening to all the different books.

We will be inviting all our volunteers to our annual 'Thank you Tea' on Thursday 22 June.