Thursday, 27 April 2017

Dance East

On Wednesday Dance East came to school to deliver the 1st of 4 workshops to the whole of year 1. The children were engaged and enjoyed working with the moon and space theme. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished performance at the Arts Festival at the end of half term!

New PE Equipment

AB enjoyed using the new nets during PE. They practised their aiming, defending as well as using an underarm throw. By the end of the lesson they all agreed that their aiming had improved.

Key Stage 1 - Church visit - LH, JC and AB

Key Stage 1 - visit to church 

On Wednesday afternoon, year 1 and year 2 (LH, JC and AB)  visited St Michael’s Church, Framlingham  to share and conclude our topic of ‘The Great Prayer and Worship adventure’.  There were five areas of prayer which we have been learning about: praise, worship, thanks, sorry and help.  We discovered what they meant to us as Christians.  

When we arrived at the church, the children were put into 5 mixed class groups and each group took turns on the carousel of activities; each activity related to each type of prayer. 

Praise –  we rejoiced in the praise psalms and shared our praise psalms that we had written.

Thanks – studied the ‘Grace’ as we shared our afternoon snack and gave thanks to God for all our food and all the good things that we have.

Worship – we prayed about how we worshipped God and rejoiced by singing and dancing to celebrate.

Forgiveness – we thought about times when we had done something we weren’t pleased with and that we were sorry about. We wrote our prayer down on a whiteboard and then wiped the boards clean representing God forgiving us and having a fresh start.

Help -  we shared prayers that had written asking God for help in times of need.  We made a candle as a symbol of this prayer.

We had an action-packed afternoon and it was great to share all the different types of prayers with each other from the other classes.
Grace - prayers for thanks 

Worship - singing and dancing to rejoice

Candle making - asking help for others 

Sorry - asking God for forgiveness

Praise - sharing psalms

Thank you to all the parents who kindly made this trip possible by walking to the church with us. The children enjoyed the experience of working with children from other classes.  

AB Nature Walk

On Tuesday class AB went for a walk round the school field looking for different plants/trees. We talked about the different colours, shapes and sizes of the plants/trees we saw. The children were given cameras to use in pairs. These are some of the pictures that they took.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Class VW Share Session

Class VW welcomed parents for our share session to make a collage of Henry VIII and some Tudor Roses, using whatever media took their fancy. A really successful afternoon, that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Farm Fair report

On the 20th of April the year 3 and 4 children went to Trinity Park in Ipswich to go to a Farm Fair just for schools.
When we got there we were split into groups to go off together and do some different activities. Some of the activities were: honey tasting, milking a fake cow, holding rabbits and guinea pigs and even watching gun dogs and Suffolk Punch horses. Some people even held dead animals such as: ducks, rabbits, pheasants and even squirrels! But they had to wear gloves. That was organised by the wild meat company.
At the show there was a deer which was a very rare breed and her name was Molly. There was also a little stand which was called soil my pants! The most popular activity was probably the tractor ride because you got to sit in the back of a tractor and watch the animals out of the window. There were more sheep than any other animal. In fact we think it was the only animal that you could see out of the window!
We all really enjoyed our day at the Farm Fair.

By Georgie and James, the class reporters for class PL/KV  

Monday, 24 April 2017

Gardening Club spring into action

Gardening Club spring into action!

The gardening club was as busy as ever this week.  Having got the beds ready last term for the new crops, we were able to finish off preparing them today for this year's crops.  

Everyone helped out clearing the old potatoes from one bed and weeding both beds.  The trenches were then dug for the potatoes to be planted in.  Mr Duggens gave a valuable lesson to the children about the merits of the borage plants and the frustration of the bindweed!!

Clearing the beds, weeding and pulling up bindweed.  

Great teamwork digging the trenches ready for the early 'Swift' and 'Charlotte' potatoes.

Planting the 'Charlotte'  potatoes. 

Planting the beans out which we sewed at the end of last term.  

Friday, 21 April 2017

BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition

We are delighted to be able to share with you that we know of FOUR of our pupils - Ned in Class LC, Audrey in Class RH, Lucia in Class PLKV and Maggie in Class VW - who have been selected to go through to the next round.
Of 131,798 entries only 5000 were picked to go through - Well done to you all and Good Luck in the next round.

AB Alien Sock Puppets

On Wednesday AB finished making their alien sock puppets. They worked hard to sew on bits of materials using a running stitch.

Miss Bullock, Miss Lamb and the class would like to say a huge thank you to all our helpers as we couldn't have done it without them!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Colourful science in Nursery

We have been learning about colour in Nursery this half term and have been experimenting a lot with mixing colours and using different art materials such as brusho and paint in different ways.
We have also explored colour through some science activities learning that water can "walk" up a paper towel, that flowers drink water (proven by the flowers changing colour depending on the colour of the water they were in), that if we plant a seed in soil and give it water and light it should grow (we planted rainbow chard), and that we can make a rainbow using sweets!
The children have really enjoyed the new experiences telling us what they have noticed and getting excited by the miraculous science we have observed together.

Alien puppets have landed in Class LH

Alien puppets have landed in Class LH

This term Class LH have been investigating, designing, making and evaluating some alien puppets as part of the Moon Zoom topic.  The puppets were made out of socks. The children needed to include at least one button but could then choose how they decorated them.  

Here are some comments from the children:-

"It was tricky sewing on feathers and pipe cleaners using the needle.  I didn't realise that you had to go round them rather than through them." - Edward

"I liked the stitches that we learnt about" - Rebecca

"I enjoyed sewing the materials on" - Miranda

Parents and grandparents  all working together in class.  Great teamwork. 

Finished alien!

Two more have landed!

A selection of some of the aliens on display in class. 

Class LH would like to say a HUGE thank you to parents and grandparents who so generously gave up their time to come and help.  The children have really enjoyed making the puppets and without the help we received, it would have been a tricky project to complete.   We think they fantastic and the children have enjoyed playing with them today.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Easter Service

Our Year 5 pupils hosted a lovely Easter Service today at St Michael's Church.
Photos were taken by Alex from Year 3, who had a front row seat...

Fairtrade Visitor

On Wednesday 29th March Michael Gidney, who is the Executive Director of Fairtrade in the U.K, came to visit us.
Firstly he showed us a video about a girl called Tenia who goes on an adventure behind the scenes of chocolate. She met some people from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and asked them some questions about how Fairtrade had changed their lives. A lot of the families could not afford to send their children to school to get an education and now, because of Fairtrade, they can afford it although only a few of the children in a family can go to school!
Next he talked to us about a few of the Fairtrade products. The first food that he talked about was bananas. Amazingly 533 million Fairtrade bananas are sold in 1 whole year, although only 1 in 3 bananas are Fairtrade in the whole world.
Lastly before he went he gave us all Fairtrade stickers.
By Georgie and James - class reporters class PL/KV    

Performing in assembly

The Nursery children have been learning the story of Noah's Ark this term. They have learnt a special song to tell the Noah's ark story with Mrs Eyles in our music sessions. Today we went to perform it to the children from Foundation and Key Stage 1 in assembly. They did it brilliantly, with confidence and smiles. We were so proud of them!
I told the children I was bursting with pride and one of them told me "I could burst into tears because it was so amazing!" Well done everybody. You were amazing!

Saxted Windmill

A delightful drawing by Veronica from class LC

Extracts from a big report written by Ollie, also from class LC:

" front of the mill, Mr Sullivan introduced himself and told us that he owned the mill.  He told us that when the wind blows the part on top of the roundhouse moves! The stairs going to the top move and that was why there was a track.
One group went up the stairs and the other went into the actual windmill and it moved when they went in it !!!
In the roundhouse there are three staircases, the first floor had a hopper which flour would come pouring out of.  Mr Sullivan said the top of the windmill weighed the same as 15 big tractors.  On the section below there was a little bell beside a hole that you'd drop corn down. On the second floor in the round house were 4 trap-doors and one normal door with no stairs where a truck would sit (outside) for one man to chuck bags of flour up through the door to land in the truck."

Intra-House Hockey

Intra-House Hockey Tournament - Monday 27th March 2017

Round 1

Bulstrode 2 Hitcham 1
Mills 1 Howard 1

Round 2

Bulstrode 0 Howard 1
Mills 0 Hitcham 2

Round 3

Bulstrode 1 Mills 0
Hitcham 2 Howard 0


1st - Hitcham     P 3 W 2 D 0 L 1     GD = +3
2nd - Bulstrode   P 3 W 2 D 0 L 1     GD = +1
3rd - Howard     P 3 W 1 D 1 L 1      GD = -1
4th - Mills         P 3 W 0 D 1 L 2       GD = -3

All houses displayed some excellent teamwork, collaboration and skill during the competition and throughout the Spring Term. Well done to all pupils for their efforts and achievements and thank you to all staff for supporting the pupils with their learning and progress.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

LH become star struck!!

Class LH - create constellations

As part of "Moon Zoom", class LH have been studying the constellations in the sky and understanding the different patterns the stars make.  We discussed how travellers years ago used the stars to help them orientate themselves and guide them in their travels.  

We used marshmallows and cocktail sticks to create the constellation, which were then mounted on black paper and labelled.  


Monday, 27 March 2017

In Science Club, year 6 were faced with a challenge: to construct a structure capable of holding a 500g weight using drinking straws, string and tape. They had to think about reinforcing their structure and how to achieve the aim effectively. Some children pushed straws together and then taped them, allowing greater rigidity and strength. They also considered how many legs their structure might need and positioning them for optimum stability.