Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Online Safety Poster Competition

Many congratulation to Finley (Upper Key Stage 2) and Edith (Lower Key Stage 2) for their winning entries in the Online Safety Poster competition.  They both had very important messages about Online Safety.  They each received a USB memory stick for their efforts.  

Well done Finley and Edith.

Chess Tournament

The House Chess competition started this week and will continue until Easter. 
At that stage, the team with the most wins will hold the wonderful trophy for a year! 

This week’s results were:
  • BULSTRODE  3 (wins for Jack S 2, Eleanor 1)
  • HOWARD      2 (wins for Rosie and Rory)
  • MILLS           2 (William and Henry)
  • HITCHAM      1 (Anna)

The individual tournament has reached the semi-final stage with  great matches in prospect, Aston (last year’s champion) v Percy and Thomas v Acer.

Good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Friday, 9 February 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

This week marked international “Safer Internet Day” with various events within the school.  

In class, discussions were held to highlight how children can stay safe online with reminders given about their previous learning and this has been built upon as appropriate depending on each year group. 

Key Stage 2 used video resources or role play situations to engage the learning and deepen the understanding with the children. A great deal of discussion amongst older groups in dealing with specific situations also took place.

Key stage 1 created internet posters and identified key facts that should not be given away online or to friends to help stay safe online. 

Advice was given to our early years and nursery children using "Smartie the Penguin" to help.

Alongside these class based activities, we held the parent’s session run by the NSPCC in which the workshop enabled parents to identify how to keep their children safe online. We will continue to keep parents updated via parentmail throughout the year with various resources and facts too. 

Within the school, we also had an online poster competition this half term.  The winners will be announced in assembly after half term.

The safer internet day is an international event but actually here at Sir Robert Hitcham's our internet safety learning continues from the beginning to the end of each academic year, not just on one day!  Online safety is discussed regularly throughout the year when children are using devices within the school and staff have regular updates too.  

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Amazing Stargazing

Today, Year 5 were lucky to receive a visit from Mr. Gwynn,  STEM ambassador. 
The children were absolutely fascinated by the knowledge he shared about Space, and asked a range of detailed questions- here a small selection of them:
  • Jacques- What will happen if two black holes collide?
  • Maisie- How did the Milky Way come to be in existence?
  • Elizabeth- Why can’t the Moon be classed as a planet?
  • James- If humans had first been on another planet, could they have adapted to breathe other gases in order to survive there?
  • Henry- When 2 galaxies collide, will they form a new galaxy?
  • Rory- What will happen when the Moon slowly drifts away?
  • Lucy- Could Earth have another Moon?

Mr. Gwynn shared his extensive knowledge with us; we learnt that Jupiter acts like a huge vacuum cleaner due to its size and the strength of gravitational forces pulling in debris. We found out about our ‘neighbour’ galaxy, Andromeda, and heard about stars being recycled to form new stars. A fascinating morning enjoyed by all!

Alien Antics!

This week, Class VW have been planning graphic narratives based on our Space- themed ‘Stargazers’ topic. 
They developed a full character profile for their alien, thinking carefully about special features they would need to survive. Once they had developed their character, they constructed them using plasticine.

Year 6 Trip to London

The Year 6 had a long but very memorable day trip to London yesterday. Here are a couple of reports written by the children this morning, along with the photos from one of the groups...

Online safety parents session

The NSPCC presented an online safety workshop for parents this morning.  It was an informative session which gave parents advice and tips in empowering themselves on how to help their children stay safe online.  

During the session, the top 'apps' which are used regularly by children were shared  - many surprises as to the variety of apps and how some had changed their icons too!  A discussion about where to go to source advice and help for parental settings and how to start off conversations with children were also shared.   Advice was given on showing and talking to the children about how to block or report an issue.  There is a link to the CEOP report icon on our school website.

Within our school, staff and support staff are trained and kept up to date regularly and all the children are reminded about being share aware.   We are committed to keeping our children safe online.  As mentioned this morning,  the children are taught how to behave on the playground, they know the boundaries and they know what to do if they are not happy and so this ethos should apply online.  The children are taught how to behave appropriately on line; they are told about the boundaries of staying safe online and this should be an area the children can discuss openly with carers and parents who listen to their concerns.  Finally, the children should know what to do if they have a problem. 

The NSPCC are coming to do some workshops and assemblies in the summer term with the children to reinforce this message too.  

Thank you to those that came and received the information and also for your continued support in working with the school to ensure your children are kept safe online. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

House Singing Competition

Songs from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat formed the basis of this year's House Singing competition.
It was a terrific choral performance by all 200 children from KS2. Judging was extremely hard - Mrs Picton, Mrs Mawson and Ms Ducker (Music Teacher at Thomas Mills High School) all felt the standard was very high.  In the end the House SInging Cup was awarded to Bulstrode.  Well done to everyone for taking part today.
Look out in the EADT & the EADT online where there will be photos & videos of today's event.
We're all humming the chorus from 'Any Dream will do' in the office now!

Anticipation building...

 Waiting to hear who won...

Nursery have a visit from a Tortoise

The nursery children had a visit this morning from Bob the Tortoise!
Mrs Staff, from the school office, very kindly bought in their family tortoise to show the children.  She talked about looking after a tortoise as a pet, and what you have to feed it and how you have to prepare it for hibernation. Bob is too young to hibernate yet, but when he's older he will have to sleep through the winter - sounds like bliss!
Thank you to Mrs Staff for bringing Bob to school today.


Friday, 2 February 2018


This week, children in VW have been learning about translating shapes. 
They needed to follow instructions and count carefully from the origin coordinate. 
We talked about the quadrants in relation to x and y, considering carefully whether they had potentially negative values for x, y or both coordinates.

Ofsted Inspection

It is with great pleasure that the Governors and I share with you the report on our recent Ofsted Inspection which took place on 9 January 2018 in accordance with Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills (HMCI) inspected, under section 8 of the Education Act 2005 (as amended).
We are thrilled to receive confirmation that Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School continues to provide a ‘Good’ quality of education since the previous inspection.

We are particularly pleased that the report recognises that our school treats everyone as a ’unique individual’, is a ‘vibrant and caring place’ and that our children are ‘happy’ and very positive about school.  It reflects a school which is founded on Christian values of care, kindness and family.
It recognises the strength of our curriculum which was identified as being incredibly rich, the opportunities for learning our children have and the progress and attainment they achieve.  It also reflects the dedication of our staff and Governors, to provide the best education they possibly can for all children in an ‘inclusive school who do not give up on any child’.
We are hugely encouraged that Ofsted agreed with our identification of areas for improvement and that it was recognised that we have ‘begun to steadily address the issues’ through ‘high quality leadership’ of not only those subject leaders interviewed during the inspection but all our teachers and staff.
During the inspection our Inspector was highly impressed with the behaviour of our children, sharing that they are ‘absolute delights’, ‘they feel incredibly safe’ and are ‘proud of their responsibilities’ in school.  She shared her admiration for the quality of interaction with children and the passion felt by the whole community for our school.  The strength of Governance was recognized and the diligence of the Parent Council in ensuring that ‘the school remains a community for pupils and parents alike’.  She felt confident that our ‘Very Good School’ had the ability to ’move forward’ in the future secure in the knowledge that the ‘right leaders are in the right places’.
We are hugely grateful to all families, children, staff and Governors who contributed to the inspection through direct dialogue, personal letters or returning questionnaires.
Although only one day, the Inspection was carried out in a very fair and thorough way.  It serves as a formal recognition of just what an incredible school Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School is.  A very good Christian School in our Community serving all our children and families in the best way possible.  A school where we ‘tenaciously promote values such as equality, tolerance, humility and humanity in the day-to-day school life’.  A school very well placed to continue to provide the highest of standards for all children in its care.
OFSTED Website - our page                  

Take a peek...

... at some of our wonderful class displays...

Year 4

 Year 5

 Year 1/2
 Year 2

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Camera Club - Year 5

This week, Mr Brook and Mr Byer taught the children how to create an animation using powerpoint.  

First, we had to carefullly line up our camera with where the legoman would come out from under the table.  

We built a legoman out of lego and then took single frame photos of the legoman, starting with his head, and then added one layer of lego at a time  and took a photo after each layer. 

It was very important to be accurate with the placing so that when the sequence ran it looked like a vidoe so we marked a place on the paper where he stood for every photo. 

Back in the suite, we uploaded the photos to powerpoint 

We then changed the transitions and timings of these so it ran like a video

Watching the final performance by lego man as he emerged out of the table.  Some of us even managed to get the man to walk around before disappearing back into he table.  It was great fun and we really enjoyed making this animation. 

Thursday, 18 January 2018

RE visit: Barnabus

EYFS and Keystage 1 had a very exciting R.E day organised through the Barnabas in schools organisation. A storyteller called Chip came and lead each class and the nursery in drama and storytelling activities based around the themes of Friendship, Forgiveness and Peace. We all had the chance to think about the stories we heard and to ask questions .

We also had the opportunity to wonder about some of the big questions in R.E too such as who is Jesus’s Dad and is Joseph his step dad. 

"I learnt how other countries tell people that a church service is going to begin such as using drums and not bells." -   Year 2

 "Chip came to see us and told us a story. The brothers pushed Joseph in a hole."  - nursery

"I liked the skipping around when thinking about the world being a lovely place."  - reception

"I thought the mirror was good because it showed that we were important." -  Year 1

"I enjoyed digging and chucking the soil and then planting the seeds."  - Year 2

"I learnt not to be nasty to other people or they will be nasty to you." -   Year 2

Monday, 8 January 2018

House STEM Challenge

Last Thursday, KS2 got together in their Houses to complete a STEM challenge. 
They were arranged into small groups and were tasked with building a tower out of 80 straws. They were given a roll of tape and a pair of scissors and given an objective: to build the tallest tower possible. The tower needed to be free- standing and they had to think about the relationship between base and height, etc. It was interesting to see the different ideas- some children constructed cubes, others used triangles and some used a combination.  
The children enjoyed working in mixed groups and the tallest towers from each house were put together and judged. 
A team from Bulstrode were victorious this year, well done! Houses were also awarded points which will count towards the weekly House Cup. 
The staff were extremely impressed by the team work exhibited by all the children. 
A big thank you to Mr. Beddow (from BT Adastral Park) for joining us to judge the entries. 


We have been informed that we will be having an OFSTED Inspection tomorrow, Tuesday 9 January 2018.

All families will be sent a letter and leaflet via ParentMail shortly, with more information about the Inspection, including a link to ParentView to give them your views of the school.