Friday, 24 March 2017

Year 5 / 6 Computer Club

Year 5/6 computer club

This term Year 5 and Year 6 have been enjoying the computer club - indeed a full house today!! 

The children have had a very productive term using pivot and scratch to hone their coding skills.  They have also been using powerpoint and enhancing their presentations with animations and pasting in images from the internet.   Others have been supporting their class learning by deepening their research skills and locating new information to add to their class topics/projects. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Saxtead Mill Visit

As part of their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious' topic Year 3 & 4 children visited Saxtead Mill today to find out about the milling process.

AB Share Session

On Tuesday afternoon AB had their share session. We had a lovely calm afternoon with lots of Easter crafts and puzzles. There were Easter decorations, string egg making, Salvadorian crosses, word searches and so much more. It was great that so many parents/grandparents could attend. Thank you to all that came - I know that all the children and teachers in class AB had a wonderful time.

Class JC STEM Challenge

This is Class JC who took part in the STEM challenge as part of science week.  They had to use newspaper and sellotape to design a structure to hold a ball, which had to be 10cm off the ground.  They had lots of fun and learnt how to work together and listen to each other’s idea.  


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Framlingham Castle Art Competition

The Year 3 & 4 children whose drawings were chosen by English Heritage were lucky to see their artwork transposed to some large display boards up at the Castle today. The English Heritage conservation and education team were taking publicity shots of the children.  Not only that, but they all had a go on the 'Time Tunnel' slide! What a great day!  More photos on the website gallery...

STEM Challenge - Class LH

Today class LH had a go at the ‘STEM’ challenge.  The children needed to design a free standing bridge or tower that would hold a foam ball.  It had to be 10cm off the floor, they were only allowed to use newspaper and sellotape and of course....teamwork!!

We have been looking at materials and their properties.  The children used terms such as 'rigid', 'strong', 'stable' and then had a think about how they would design their structure. Many different ideas were tried, many challenges laid ahead but with perseverance and determination, most groups managed to design a structure that would hold the ball.  

Good teamwork and thinking about what was needed to support the ball.  

All groups were tested and after each one, we discussed what they would differently next time and how it could be improved.  

Well done Class LH on great teamwork and perseverance!  

Class Photos Today

The photographer was in early to set up for class photo day today, too cold outside, so we're in the hall ...

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Heart Dissection in Year 5

This morning, year 5 had the opportunity to witness a heart dissection. They learnt lots form the experience- here are some of their thoughts:
“I learnt that the heart isn’t actually heart shaped and that there are two lots of blood being pumped” Percy
“I learnt that one side is bigger than the other” Ella
“There are lots of tubes in the heart” Rafferty
“I learnt that the heart has valves to stop the blood going the wrong way” Oscar

“If you smoke and have too much bad fat in your diet, it could clog up your arteries” Maggie

STEM challenge

Last Thursday, children in VW were faced with a ‘STEM’ challenge; they had to design a free standing structure which was capable of holding a netball at least 30cm off the ground. The class had a great time, experimenting with lots of different ideas. They incorporated struts and beams to help strengthen their structure, thinking carefully about the relationship between the base and height. Miss. Whipps was impressed with the way the children worked together, using ‘trial and error’ to help develop their ideas further. Thank you to to all those who have donated newspapers!

Gardening Club

Gardening club - come rain or shine!

Gardening club were not deterred by the weather!  We seized the opportunity to plant some broad beans, courgettes and sweet peas.  Luckily we were able to work under cover at school so didn't get too wet!!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Outdoor learning on the field.

Class CH had a fabulous morning up at the school field on Thursday 16th March.

We explored the grounds looking for interesting items to put on our Journey Sticks
We also had hot chocolate, listened to stories in the willow area and investigated signs of Spring.
Running around on the grass and rolling down the slopes was fun too!

S.T.E.M event at BT's Adastral Park

Our year 6 pupils had a stimulating morning at BT's Adastral Park who were hosting in a Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths event for school children.
A few photos are below, with more on the website gallery, plus a report will follow from a few of the children.

Spring Daffodils

Mr Byer has taken a photo this morning of the daffodils in bloom at the front of the school - spring has sprung..

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bassistry Arts Assembly

On Wednesday and Thursday, Bassistry Arts came and visited our school. A year group at a time, we went into the hall and started learning and practising rhythms.
Next we were split into seven groups. Each group was given a different instrument to play, one after another and then together. The instruments were:
Claves, rakatak, woodblock, drums, bongo drums, shakers, tambourine.
A man called Marcel was playing the electric guitar and a man called Phil was playing on the drum kit.
On Thursday afternoon in assembly, each class had to perform a different song to the rest of the school. The song that we performed was called ‘I’m like a rolling stone’ and it was a very fun song to sing because there were all sorts of different dance moves to different parts of the song.
by Georgie and James, the class reporters for class PL/KV.