Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Forest School in Reception

Classes CH and KM have been introduced to the Forest School approach to learning at our newly developed Robin Wood up at the field. We have learnt the rules and have enjoyed investigating the new area through games and exploration. Over the past four weeks we have developed our learning and skills through a range of activities including:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Building small and large dens.
  • Learning call back.
  • Making bird feeders.
  • Whittling.
  • Making log dogs.
  • Working as a team to build a giant bird nest.
  • Digging for worms.
  • Making elves
  • Imaginative play
  • Mud kitchen role play
  • Listened to stories.
  • Learning about nature.
We have braved all weathers such as snow, rain and sun. At the end of the session we join together to enjoy our snacks and a lovely warming hot chocolate. We have enjoyed getting muddy and have learnt lots of interesting things and being together in a new and exciting environment.


Friday, 16 March 2018

Street Detectives

Great detective skills were used by Class LH as we explored Framlingham trying to find different types of windows, chimneys, doors and other features of houses.   We compared the many different styles and the materials they were made from.  We also found other features such as weather vanes, door treads, artistic brickwork and motifs.  Armed with the cameras, we set off to explore Framlingham. 

All these photos were taken by the children in Class LH.  Can you identify whereabouts they are in Framlingham? 

                                                                                  Different features on some of the buildings                                                                         

Teddy noticed that many windows were ‘false’ and either painted on or blocked in and we talked about the window tax.  The children had great fun spotting ‘false’ windows.   It has given them food for thought as to which windows they would block up in their own houses or how much tax to pay with the windows they have in their own house!  

Ella liked the arches on the houses – some above windows, doors but also there were some arches near the roof or at the top of some buildings.

We also identified the Guildhall which was where the very first school was in Framlingham.   

Matilda found the different doors interesting and noticed that some were made from wood and others from plastic and even that some had glass in them.  Freya compared many of the windows to that in the Church.  She noticed that most of the church windows were stain-glassed windows but several of us spotted some stain glass windows in doorways too.  

William found the variety of door knockers to be interesting and many other found the styles and even the size amazing.  Eira spotted a tiny door knocker on one door!  Great detective work!


Thank you to the helpers who made this exciting walk possible. 

Netball Tournament

Tournament Report
On Tuesday, 8 of us went to the High 5’s netball tournament held at Framlingham College Prep School. 
We played 8 matches, some of which were friendly matches.   I liked that because there wasn’t one time when not one of my team members wasn’t playing on court.  We all rotated round and all got a chance at playing every one of the positions. 
I enjoyed it because we congratulated each other at the end of each match.
 by Martha and Primrose

Thursday, 15 March 2018

World Book Day...

Just a sample of images from our World Book Day yesterday... there are more on the website gallery.
£320 was raised for Book Aid International- thank you to everyone who donated.

Celebration of Schools’ Music – Snape

Huge congratulations to some of our wonderful musicians for representing SRH in taking part in Celebration of schools’ Music last Friday at Snape.
I want to say a heartfelt thank you for a huge amount of dedication and commitment to this concert which resulted in a really high quality performance from The Firebirds Boys’ Choir and our String Quartet.
Mr Cantrill & I are so very proud of you all.
I hope that the following photos give you a small flavour of our day…

Practising in the technical rehearsal.

Waiting for our workshop in our very smart dressing room.

We learnt a new song called Falling Star in a workshop with the brilliant Aga Serugo Lugo who led a fabulous workshop with his team.

Waiting backstage for the main event…

Such poise and confidence on stage…

Thank you to Mr Cantrill and Mrs Fell for preparing the choir and quartet so beautifully - making this a really memorable and special performance.
Mrs K Mawson

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Egg investigation

Yesterday we did an activity in Nursery comparing hen eggs and duck eggs. We looked closely and touched the shells, talking about what was the same and what was different and thinking about the size and colour. The children then made a prediction of what might be inside the eggs. 
We then cracked open the eggs and looked at the yolk and the white. Two of the eggs had been cooked in boiling water so they were hard boiled and we talked about the changes from a runny liquid to solid and a clear white to a white white. We also felt the hard boiled eggs and the children were excited to see the yolk inside when I cut them in half. We used the language comparisons soft and hard, rough and smooth, hot and cold, liquid and solid and also used the language slippery, runny, yolk and white. 
At the end of the day we cooked the eggs in the microwave to make scrambled eggs and enjoyed tasting them!

British Science Week at BT's Adastral Park

Yesterday our Year 6 pupils experienced British Science Week at BT's Adastral Park.
Here are a few images from the afternoon, reports to follow from the Class Reporters.